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Who We Are:

We are a vibrant and growing company that practices innovative and beyond the nine dot business and personnel policies.

We are fortunate to employ people with positive energy who share a common vision of the future. Our innovative Sales practices is always willing to go above and beyond its call of duty to meet our customers immediate and future needs. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Customer Focus:

  • GoodWOOD actively markets and sells a wide variety of forest products and services to diverse customers in world markets.

  • GoodWOOD Forest Products Corp. strives to find new markets and targets the needs of new customers. Our greatest strength lies in our people, whose team approach is focused towards customer satisfaction.

  • Customer Focus:
    To meet customers' expectations in an evolving market with consistently competitive quality products and superior service and to treat our customers as long-term partners.

  • Product Quality:
    To provide the tools to our employees so that they can continue to develop competitive products with an emphasis on creativity and a continuous improvement of processes to produce quality products.

  • Social Responsibility:
    To dedicate a minimum amount of pre-tax profits to promote health, education, culture and recreation that contribute to improving the individual and collective quality of life and to be supportive of employee involvement in the community and in professional group activities.

  • Environmental Responsibility:
    To establish policies and guidelines in all phases of our operations which provide for responsible stewardship and sustained yield and development of our resources, while protecting the health and safety of employees, customers and the public.

  • International Trade:
    To actively market and sell a wide variety of forest products and services to diverse customers in world markets. We strive to find new markets and target the needs of new customers.

  • Overseas Marketing & Alliances:
    GoodWOOD Forest Products Corp. is expanding into new markets. We are seeking alliances with qualified overseas agents who share our philosophy and will work closely with us to gain new accounts to form a mutually profitable and beneficial relationship.

  • Ethics:
    To conduct business and relationships with honesty, respect, openness and integrity.

  • Creativity & Innovation:
    To foster creativity by encouraging and rewarding open-mindedness at all levels, being receptive to suggestions, supplying the tools, time and atmosphere to create, as well as providing understanding when ideas fail and support when they succeed.

  • Employee Participation:
    To create an environment in which all employees can contribute to their maximum ability and maintain high performance standards, effective training, open and honest dialogue and active participation in problem solving and entrepreneurship.

    To provide employees with a non-discriminatory, safe and healthy work environment, and with the opportunity to participate and share in the growth and financial success of the Company through share ownership and participation in profits.

  • Profit:
    To manage the Company in an effective and prudent financial manner so as to ensure the success of the Company, employees and business partners, thereby increasing shareholder value and long-term growth and stability.

Why Deal with GoodWOOD Forest Products Corp. Lumber?

  • Our staff has considerable experience in the export timber trade (and timber processing and remanufacturing) and are able to deal competently and knowledgeably with all aspects of the business.

  • Each one of our staff has a sense of belonging since our staff has ownership in the company and share in the company’s profits.

  • A commitment to export which translates to building long term supply arrangements resulting in reliable and ongoing supply sources for your forest product needs.

  • A strong preference for dealing direct with the manufacturers/importers thereby ensures that the right products are supplied to meet the customers needs at the right price.

  • Committed to understanding other cultures and business practices, to best serve our customers and their markets.

Satisfied customers are the foundation from which our Company will continue to grow.