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Western Red Cedar is extremely light in weight relative to its size and has a natural oil which serves to protect it from natural decay thus acting similar to pressure treated wood. Its wide array of beautiful colors appeal to the eye and its natural ordour serves as a repellent to both insects and moths.

Our suppliers' sorting allow various markets to access products designed to yield specific lumber products manufactured for different uses. Each sort has specifications designed to meet certain requirements for optimal lumber output. This is why the log graders emphasize quality control as an essential component for producing products of high quality standards.

We can supply 4 different sorts of Western Red Cedar. Each sort has its own set of criteria, definitions, and sample pictures to illustrate each product. The pictures above show the quality and grading of the 4 types of cedar logs we offer - from the highest to the lowest grade as shown in the pictures; extreme left being highest grade and the 4th picture (extreme right) being of lowest grade.

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