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Ash Basswood Beech Birch Cherry Hard Maple
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Hickory Soft Maple Red Oak White Oak Walnut
Other species available upon request.

Hardwoods serve an enormous range of applications, including buildings, furniture, flooring, utensils, etc.

Our hardwood confirms to the National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA) rules and regulations.

Width Sorted Products
  • Our width sorted products are a good way to cut down on your waste and save money.
  • Really takes the guessing game out of it
  • You know what the tally will be, you know what your waste will be
  • We have width sorted products on the shelf ready to ship at all times
  • Need a custom sort ? Run it by us to see where we can help
  • If you want us to S2S or SLR2E to make the lumber molder ready, we can do that too
Customised, Cut to Size Dimension

Run all your questions by us, we have solutions to your problems. Contact your Regional Sales Representative to discuss your width sorting needs.

Hardwood Grading Explained
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