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Solid timber from a domestic timber yard will normally contain about 17 per cent moisture (by weight). After a few weeks in a centrally heated house, the moisture will drop to 8-10 per cent. As a result, the wood will shrink slightly and may also develop a curve. The wider the board the greater the problem.

Preferably avert this problem altogether by buying from us with correct MC specified ie 8-12% standard but can be 6-10% on request.

The shrinkage takes place along the length of the annular growth rings which follow the circular shape of the tree trunk. In most cases the rings are much shorter near one face of the board than the other. The longer rings shrink most and the shorter least, causing the board to curve across its width.

The straighter the rings in a board, the less it will curve, so look for boards that have the rings running almost vertically through the thickness. CALLED QUARTER SAWN.  Where growth rings show running across the width of the board this is called FLATSAWN.

No matter how carefully something is made, wood that is too wet will develop distortions. So store timber in house for at least two or three weeks to allow it to dry out. OR EQUALISE.

Store boards flat, one above the other, with pieces of wood between them so that air can circulate.

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