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Foliage of Atlas Cedar A cedar in a French garden

This species is a Canadian coastal species characterized by its reddish brown or white colour and quality appearance. It exhibits exceptional resistance to decay, works easily, takes fine finishes, has fine grain, and demonstrates low shrinkage.

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar has stood the test of time! Natural beauty, decay resistant and stability have made Western Red Cedar the choice for high quality exterior products. Known for it's extremely fine and even grain, flexibility and strength, Western Red Cedar is a species of wood that can be used a variety of ways.

Western Red Cedar is renowned for the beauty and texture of its grain and its mellow, rich color. It is ideally suited for projects both indoors and out, with natural oils that help the wood resist decay and insect damage. Builders choose it because it is stable, lightweight and easy to finish. Western Red Cedar is also a natural insulator. Homes built with cedar siding, paneling or ceilings remain cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

The heartwood of western red cedar is reddish or pinkish brown to dull brown and the sapwood nearly white. The sapwood is narrow, often not over 1 inch in width. The wood is generally straight grained and has a uniform but rather coarse texture. It has very small shrinkage. This species is light in weight, moderately soft, low in strength when used as a beam or posts, and low in shock resistance. Its heartwood is very resistant to decay.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar

Alaskan Yellow Cedar is one of the World's most distinctive softwoods. It's unmatched durability, fine texture, uniform color, straight grain and excellent splinter resistance combine both practicality and beauty in a single package.

Since Alaskan Yellow Cedar has a short growing season, this helps to make it among the hardest known cedars in the world, with exceptional resistance to weather, insects and long-term soil contact. Yet, Alaskan Yellow Cedar is characterized by easy workability with hand or machine tools.

It takes and holds nails, screw and adhesives very well. This cedar is ideally suited for high traffic applications, such as decking, stairs, ramps, walkways, stadium seating, lawn furniture, patio furniture, outdoor furniture, and children's playground equipment.

With it's distinctive yellow color and handsome grain patterns, Alaskan Yellow Cedar adds warmth and beauty to many exterior and interior applications. Although it looks and performs great unfinished, Alaskan Yellow Cedar accepts finishes very well.

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