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Do you know what you are getting when you buy cheaper lumber???? Is price everything????

We explain some of the confusion that exists in the industry through which what might seem a better deal at lower/cheaper price might actually result in costing you more and reducing your profit.

Three ways that could account for the difference in price is through:
  1. Quoting you on gross tally.

  2. Mixing of grade.

  3. Invoicing you for extra footage of lumber than actually delivered.
Whether you buy softwood, hardwood or logs, if somebody even mixes 10% of lower grade lumber with the higher grade you have ordered, it would result in lost profits to you.

Grade 3 softwood lumber can be mixed with 15-20% of grade 4; or 15-20% of grade 3 lumber can be mixed with grade 2 and so on. Do you always inspect 100% of the lumber delivered to you?

Similarly, for hardwood, we have seen lumber that has been mixed to account for the lower price that a distributor could offer to you. Here is how it works:
  • You order FAS grade lumber but what the distributor would do is add 15% of select lumber and 10% of No. 1 common.
The above is for real and we have seen this at lumber yards in Dubai, India, Pakistan etc. At GoodWOOD Forest Products Corp., our name says it all. You will get what you order. If you buy FAS grade lumber, we will send you 100% FAS grade. No ifs or buts. That is why many a times we have forgone on possible deals because we could not match the price offered by other distributors to overseas buyers.

Since we all buy from similar mills, how can another distributor afford to sell at much lower prices? In fact we at GoodWOOD Forest Products Corp., pride ourselves in having direct relationship with loggers and sawyers through which we can offer more competitive prices than others. Yet, if we cannot compete in the market with other distributors, than …????.

We also know of incidences where what you receive and what you are invoiced for is two different things. Let us say we would quote you for $300 and invoice you for 30 cbm, while another distributor quotes you $290 and invoices you for 32 cbm but sends you only 30 cbm. Do you always check each stick of lumber for width and length? Is it worth your while to have to do this each and every time, or is it more efficient and cost-effective to deal with a reputable dealer/distributor/mill who will invoice you for exact amount shipped?

Do not be misled into thinking that when one quotes you a lower price, you are receiving value. Follow the old adage: “You get what you pay for”.

Beware of a supplier who offers lumber at a cheaper price than compared to other dealers/distributors/mills.

Compare apple to apple when looking to buy.

Send a detailed Purchase Order and insist on receiving a detailed invoice.

At GoodWOOD Forest Products Corp. we stand by our product in terms of grade, quality and quantity. Our name says it all … GoodWOOD!

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